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Sewing up the Ladies Sahara

Oh Goodness!

I did a thing! (breathes deeply into paper bag)

I actually signed up to be a pattern tester! It was....... SO MUCH FUN!!!

When Bella Sunshine Designs posted that they were looking for pattern testers for the Ladies Sahara I jumped on it! It was really out of character for me. I am a lover of all things PDF patterns, I mean really, not needing to go to the store and dig through the drawers! LOVE! This would be fun right?!? It should be said that I love to sew, but to actually have to follow the directions to a T.... that's scary! Time to push yourself Johnnal!

I'm so glad I did!

My experience sewing up this test was just amazing! The ladies over at BSD are just great to work with and the pattern..... Oh my! you probably want to actually see the pattern though right?
Here it is!

Bella Sunshine Designs Ladies Sahara

The Sahara features a full circle skirt for lots of twirly fun! This pattern has so many options! You can make a top, a tunic or a dress. You can have sh…

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