So I found this picture the other day..... It makes me laugh for sooo many reasons, not the least of which is that this is my baby sister Casey. I'm guessing this is approx. 1983 sometime... yeah, she looks about 2 years old to me. I'm also gonna go with spring, because Cyrina got a new camera for her birthday that year and my parents rarely took pictures, so it had to be her. Ooooh, that camera was so cool, I was very jealous! I wish I could remember the name of it, it had this really weird disk of film instead of the little canister and it was fairly flat..... does anybody know what camera I'm talking about.... anybody? I know it was really popular.... oh well, I'm totally off the subject. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Casey.

So anyways, you gotta love the sporty look she's got going. I am particular fan of the knee socks... 5 bucks says there's sandals on them feet! Oh to have a couple more inches of photo.... Casey was going through her "I'm the baby of the family and everyone must bow to me" phase which is probably why Becca and I aren't in the picture as well. Although, now that I think about it that phase has never really ended.... pondering.... nope it hasn't ended. :)

Funny thing is that the picture of Casey is not what struck me the most about this.... It's all the memories......

Do you see that cane rocker on the right - boy, that was good! I remember that my mom wanted one so bad (they were all the rage in 1982-82) and she talked about it all the time. We were not what I would classify as wealthy being missionary tent builders and all, and a rocking char just wasn't in the budget. Shirley Wine had one and as much as my mom drooled over it she would never have spent $35 on it. So, imagine her shock when that's what Pop got her for her birthday. He put it together in the middle of the living room and mom was soooo excited. Then we decided to play clown car with it... How many people can fit on Mom's lap while she's sitting in the rocker? Well, I know me, Becca and Casey managed it until Casey kicked the rest of us off of "her mom's" lap. Boy that rocker had to be glued and pieced back together alot!

The other thing this picture reminds me of is the fridge. That fridge was the source of constant laughter and not just because of the scary stuff mom managed to make us eat out of it!

One day Pop had this car magnet made, it said "On Assignment From God". We went everywhere with that thing on the car (makes sense, we were missionaries). Then one day something happened to the car I guess... my memories a little fuzzy on the "why" this happened.... and the magnet had to come off. Well where else would you store your giant car magnet in the meantime but on the front of the fridge... I mean, DUH! People would laugh and laugh at that I can't tell you how many times we had the obvious pointed out to us... "haha did you know that your fridge is on assignment from God?" You know that thought never occurred to us.

The magnet never made it back on any vehicle that we ever owned and I have no clue what happened to it after we left for Africa. Anyways, you know that fridge might just have been on Assignment From God. It feed alot of hungry people who were not even related to us, some of them we didn't even know there names. It brought alot of laughter when it was probably really needed and it had very willing participants in my Mom and Pop. I crack up thinking about it even now and I wish that I would wear my Christianity, my "assignment" as openly and out loud as my Dad and Mom did. There's a lesson to be learned here. Don't wear knee socks!!!! and never miss the opportunity to be "On Assignment For God"

Love ya,



Grant said…
Love it!! Thanks so much for the memories. I really enjoy reading this. I will, however, continue to wear knee socks!!!
redabecnoodle said…
Good job Johnnal! I loved it. Loved the blog, the knee socks, the magnet and especially the memories.Thanks for remembering all the stuff that Case and I were too young to remember. After I unpack I may be able to provide you with some more good pics for some good laughs.

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